LIFE. It's bad, it's good, it's ugly, it's beautiful. One day you want to sing from the mountain tops and the next day you want to jump from that mountain. What's responsible for this love/hate relationship with life anyway? Oh that's easy, it's DRAMA. PLAIN and SIMPLE. It's the thing that life keeps spewing and we all get caught in the crossfire sometimes. Trust us, we know. So hit the pause button on your issues and watch the drama unfold on someone else for a change. Let Drama Vomit be your much needed escape. Here you can laugh, cry, cringe, gasp and possibly vomit, while exploring the opinions, beliefs and life events of The Drama Team (Dramits), narrated by Nicki Grace. Join us and get the relief you deserve. As a bonus, our misery will finally have some company, its a WIN, WIN.


My Name is Nicki Grace and I’m a wife, mom, sister, friend, daughter and stranger you confide in on the street. Being the “Go to Captain” for helping others sort through their drama has made it clear that we ALL NEED HELP. Truthfully speaking, sometimes I hate this role, while other times, it’s great entertainment. I truly enjoy helping people and I’m told I provide more help than harm. I'm a lover of dark, raunchy and dry humor so I automatically look at most problems in a comedic light.


By being a “look on the bright side”, “make lemons out of lemonade” type of girl, I have kept my mountain jumping days at bay. Needless to say, issues always pop back up. Someone’s depressed, wants a hand in putting their husband out, a smelly diaper needs to be changed, someone wants pee to pass a drug test, advice on why it burns when they urinate… you get the drift. So I said fuck it! Drama wants the show, I'll give it a stage.


Determined to fight back, I gathered some Key Players (aka The Dramits) and Drama Vomit was born. As creator and narrator for this blog, I don't promise to always make you laugh, but I do promise to give you endless scenarios of WTF?! 


Laughter is the medicine to life's pain and I try to overdose on it every chance I get. Things aren't always so tough when you don't go at it alone. Everyone’s not living the drama-free dream you think they are. So stop wondering about me and go tour the Drama Vomit realm. By my watch, it's time for another dose of medicine!


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Email me : nickigrace@dramavomit.com