Crazy things happen when people are scared. High levels of adrenaline and emotion causes us to become gutsy, crazy, terrified or even our own worst enemy. It could happen to anyone, but it’s more likely to happen to someone I know. 


The Lemons…

My mom was home alone one day doing her usual cleaning, washing clothes and tv watching. I think it was always easier for her to get the house in order when we weren't home, because the silence and total focus, made it easier for her to get things done.  And getting things done she was; the clothes were in the wash, the kitchen and bathroom were already cleaned and her favorite gameshow, The Price is Right, was about to start. Folding towels in her room and patting herself on the back for how much progressed she had made, she paused. Odd. She thought she heard something. Muting the tv and holding her breath she listened closely. Relieved that she didn’t hear anything, she decided to go back to folding and tv watching. Right before picking up the remote, she heard it again. 


In a panic, she slowly and quietly went closer to her bedroom doorway. After a short while, there it was again! A tapping or scraping sound coming from the other side of the house. 


"OH NO, was someone trying to break in", she thought? "Yes, they were," she told herself.  "Sounds didn’t just create themselves!"  


Heart pumping and looking around quickly, my mom decided the safest thing to do was to stay where she was. We lived in a ranch at the time and all of the bedrooms were on one side of the house. This left all the other common areas (living room, kitchen, etc), on the other side and only about a 15’ hallway in between to separate the two. 


Moving as quiet as a mouse and as slow as a snail, she shut the bedroom door, locked it and looked around for something to block the door. Scanning for potential objects, her eyes froze on her mini dresser. She used it as a nightstand and it would be the perfect barricade. Sure, it was a bit heavy, but it was adjacent to the door and she would be able to get on the floor and push it with her legs. Wasting no time, she got to work. It glided quietly across the floor and was blocking the back of the door within a minute.


 After she was secured in her bedroom, she continued to listen quietly. Hearing the noise again, she started backing up at full speed with the intent to hide. She turned to searched the room for where to go, but must have done so too fast because she stubbed her toe on the bed and serious pain shot up her leg. She let out a moan and instantly covered here mouth to silence her audible yelps.


Determined to not let the pain slow her down, she looked up and spotted the closet. She limped/hopped towards it as quiet as she could and got down on the floor. She wasn’t inside long before she heard it again! Then seconds later… AGAIN! 


“Were they almost inside?” “Were they running out of patience and scraping faster at the door/window to get it in?”


The worry on top of the pain was all too much and she was fighting to hold it all together. She remained in her hiding spot as the noise continued sounding off. “That’s peculiar” she thought, as a bit of logic began to flood her brain. The sound seemed to be occurring in some sort of a pattern. It was almost like… a striking noise. Now that she was in the closet and feeling more secure, she realized that the noise was actually quite similar to one she had heard before. 


It took her a few minutes to figure it out, but finally she realized that the mistakenly threatening sound was coming from… the dryer. “How do you like that?” she thought to herself. Concentrating on the sound a short while longer, she was now positive that she must have forgotten to remove something before tossing the clothes into the dryer.

Laughing to herself as adrenaline levels and her heartbeat returned to normal, she attempted to get up off the floor. However, it only seemed that she replaced fear with pain, because the throbbing in her foot was excruciating. It took her a few minutes, but she was finally able to standup using the door handle for support. Once out of the closet and moving towards the bedroom door, she realized any pressure on her foot hurt badly. When she reached the nightstand that she had pushed against the door, she leaned on it to take a deep breath. 


Pushing it back out of the way was going to be hard work, but she had to give it a try because it was the only way out of the room. 


She couldn’t push it with her foot like she did at first because it was hurting WAY too much. She got on one side of it and tried to push using her arms and waist. It didn’t move an inch. She tried again…nothing. She made one last attempt and after the same result she gave up. 


Defeated, she turned around, hopped to the bed, and shook her head considering the predicament she was in. Stuck in her own room by her own fear and actions. Her only option now was to call someone to help. My sister and I were out of town, her friends lived too far away and her husband was at work. Short of calling the fire department, she didn’t have many choices she realized. But she didn’t think her circumstance was an emergency so she decided waiting on her husband to return home from work was her best option.


She called him and left a message explaining the eventful morning she had. When he called back, after asking if she was sure she was ok to wait until his shift ended, they planned for him to come in through the window to get the nightstand moved. He got off at 2:30 and made it home around 3:00, so she only had a few hours to wait. She slid further up onto the bed and examined her foot. It was worse than she thought. Already it looked to be swollen. Originally she thought it was just the toe, but the ankle area was also tender to the touch. Maybe in her haste, she somehow turned to quickly and possibly sprained her ankle, too. 


She took a deep breath to gather her strength and headed back over to the nightstand. A bottle of water rested on top and she had some ibuprofen inside the drawer. After making it back to the bed and taking the pill, she settled in to watch tv. There was nothing more to do but wait. Might as well do it with her leg propped up while enjoying some shows. 


A few hours later her husband showed up outside the bedroom window. He was able to climb in and get the nightstand moved. She was finally free to go about her day and most importantly, go to the doctor. Her foot hurt even more and having it looked at would give her peace of mind that she hadn't done more damage than she thought. What a crazy day she had. Held hostage and then assaulted all at her own hand. Could things get any more hilarious… or ridiculous?


The Lemonade…


I don’t think I have ever heard of this happening to someone. But this is a big world we live in, I know my mom can’t be the only one to have done something like this. After investigating I didn’t have to look far. Come to find out my sister was also tricked by the noise of the dryer in her home and thought someone was breaking in. Since her laundry room was downstairs she ran to the kitchen and got two butcher knives and creeped downstairs to confront the soon to be shredded burglar. Just her reaction tells you a great deal about my sister. I’ll leave you to your imagination to figure out how unique a person must be, to have that sort of reaction.


Moving on. Thinking about trapping yourself made me think about those magic tricks where the magician would tie themselves up in ropes and a stray jacket, and then, magically get out of it. 


When I was a kid, I found that trick so amazing. I always wanted to find out how they did it and until this situation, I completely forgot about it. I searched the internet and learned some interesting things about how those rope tying tricks work. 


I came across another trick called “Tie your shoelaces with just a shake and a kick”. Since I am one to share here’s the link… 


You should surely check it out. Remembering the magic helps the kid in me to re-awaken. I learned some cool things and finding out how some of the greats (David Blaine, Dynamo, Criss Angel, etc.) pull off the puzzles has been fun. I may even try some just to see if I can pull it off. Worse case scenario I’ll get stuck and need some help freeing myself. But hey, it’s better to be held hostage by yourself instead of by someone else, right?


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