Ever want something so bad it’s all you can think about? Everyday you ponder how you can make it a reality. Then one day, it happens. Your dreams come true and you are overjoyed. At least at first you were, but after a while you feel annoyed and bamboozled. Something went wrong. It’s not the way you thought it would be. Somehow you made it more wonderful in your head than it really was. Sucks for you. After all that time and energy playing chase, it was just a waste.



It was a dark and stormy night. Yes, I’m serious, it was. It had been raining all week and there were severe storm warnings in the area. Nothing scary was happening though, just Wyatt and Lauren debating again…

Wyatt - “Come on please, just give it a try.”

Lauren - “No.”

Wyatt - “Please.” 

Lauren - “I said no. I do not want to have a threesome.”

Wyatt - “But you said you would think about it.”

Lauren - “I did. And as fun and hot as it sounds, I’m too shy to actually go for it, so no.”

Wyatt - “I think you'd like it.”

Lauren - “I think you want this too much. Aren't you suppose to be marrying me, not some other woman?”

Wyatt faked a deeply hurt expression.

Lauren - “Don’t even try giving me that sad look.”

Wyatt - “Lol ok. All jokes aside, you know there is no other woman for me. I just really think you’d enjoy it. Plus it would be one last crazy thing we can do before we get married. Come on, you always said you wanted to try it, I just think your nerves are getting the best of you. I don’t understand why, you’re sexy and it’s just some freaky fun… nothing more.”

Lauren - “You have a point, but no. That will have to just be one of those bucket list things I never get to.”

Wyatt - “Fine I give up. Love you, though.”

Lauren - “Love you, too.”


For months the threesome request wasn’t brought up again. They were getting married in a little over a year and with all the wedding plans, Wyatt’s birthday in a few weeks and day-to-day life responsibilities, who had time anyway. But just because they didn't talk about it, didn’t mean that they weren’t thinking about it. As a matter of fact, Wyatt left a small corner of his mind dedicated to the possibility, and he frequently visited it as his “mental porn stash”. 


But surprisingly enough, it was on Lauren’s mind as well. She truly loved the idea of trying something new and she appreciated Wyatt not bringing it up anymore. She even had a friend in mind that she would want to try it with. But every time the thought surfaced she would push it out of her mind and laugh to herself at how crazy and naive she must be.

Although a sexy idea, she viewed threesomes as dangerous. They could destroy a relationship and open the door for your man to end up cheating on you. That's why men wanted threesomes right? Was Wyatt like those other guys? Easy to cheat once given the green light on a one night experiment? But maybe he was different? Or maybe she was naive? All the thoughts were too much and instead of trying to answer them, she decided, once again, to put the whole idea to rest and leave it there.


A few nights later, they were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, when it happened. A steamy hot threesome love scene. Just watching it led them to believe that the universe was speaking directly to them. Taunting them with the whole “this could be you” fantasy scenario.


Wyatt stayed quiet, but Lauren noticed him shift a bit. She mimicked his behavior, then without a word, turned to him and kissed him. To no ones surprise, the kiss quickly transitioned into a night of passionate sex.


The next morning Lauren decided the threesome was worth a try. She wanted to see if it was as sexy, hot and satisfying as it seemed. Plus, it would be best to get all of this exploring out before she married Wyatt. Worse case scenario, she told herself she would know before they got married if doing this would make him leave her for another woman. Coming to an agreement with herself, she decided that his birthday would be a great time to surprise him with the gift he had been hoping for. 


She called her friend that she had in mind and presented the request. She was a bit shy to bring up the topic but her friend (being more liberal and outgoing) only needed to hear the topic and gladly took the conversation over. She assured Lauren that threesomes were fun and that there was nothing to worry about. That Wyatt loved her and would never do anything to hurt her. Trusting this to just be a fun and mind-blowing experience and nothing more, she moved forward with the planning.


The night of Wyatt's birthday, Lauren was evidently nervous about something. All through dinner she seemed distant. He continuously asked her what was wrong, but she always said nothing and appeared like her normal self again. Then, after a few minutes, she got that distant look in her eyes and he knew, she had checked out, yet again.


When they got home, he was pleasantly surprised. There were candles burning and soft music playing. He turned to her and smiled and she leaned up to give him a quick peck on the lips before grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the bedroom. 


Once inside, he was left shocked and speechless. There, standing by the bed, was Lauren’s friend, Amber. She was wearing some sexy lingerie with red heels and a sexy grin on her face. He quickly turned and looked at Lauren.

Lauren - “Surprise!” she said in a shy, but proud way,

Wyatt - “Is this for real?”

Lauren -  “Yup, it’s real and it’s all for you.”

Wyatt -  “All for us.” He corrected.

She smiled and looked at him sweetly. “All for us.”, she said in agreement.


The night was indescribable. As the three of them played the game of lustful love, everyone came (pun intended) out a winner. They did things that they always wanted to do and even a few things that they had never even dreamed of. Finally, when exhaustion was a stronger force than their sexual desires, they fell asleep.


Fast forward a few weeks later. Overall, things had remained the same between Lauren and Wyatt. No one seemed to be pulling away or losing interest. But as weeks turned to months, things started to slowly shift. Romantic evenings happened less frequently, wedding details went unconfirmed and conversations between the two of them carried no real depth anymore. They both made up excuses as to what was wrong. Someone was always too busy, too tired, had to work late, simply forgot, etc. All the things that clearly showed that something was wrong.  


It was no surprise that it was just as Lauren had feared. The threesome experience eventually lead to complications between the two of them. Their connection was fading with each passing day. The biggest blow to their relationship was that the interest of wanting to mess around with other women crossed the line from fantasy into reality. 


And of all the women Lauren experimented with (YES LAUREN), she only learned one thing. That she actually preferred being with women instead of men. Don’t get me wrong, she still loved being with men also, but her liking for women went one step above. It didn’t take long for Lauren to leave Wyatt to be with, dun dun dunnnnn…AMBER! 


I DID NOT see that coming when Wyatt told me the story. But still in character with his twisted sense of humor he said "how do you like that? Sex with two other people but I'm the only one that got fucked!" 

Poor Wyatt got ditched and it’s ironic because he was the one that wanted the threesome so bad. Had he not begged her for it, would they be married today? Did Lauren always know she was that attracted to girls? Was that really her first time? Somebody has got to be lying right? There just seems to be no way that Lauren went from almost marrying and “in love” with Wyatt and then just called it all off for Amber. I’m just as confused as you guys are as to how she could do such a 180. But just because it’s crazy, doesn't mean it isn’t true. 


Wyatt told me that to this day, he still doesn’t have anymore facts. He says that one day they were together, then the next Lauren confessed that she had been sneaking around with Amber and other women. That she never knew she was so interested in women until that experience and that she couldn’t marry him knowing it was a lie. So she called the whole thing off, moved out and started her new life. 


I still don’t trust it, but hey, at least Wyatt got his threesome in the prime of his life, even if it did cost him a wife.



If this isn’t a “careful what you wish for” scenario, I don’t know what is. Getting the experience you want in exchange for the one you love isn’t a good trade. In the end, you only have the experience to look back on, and depending on the outcome, that may or may not be worth it. 


Sometimes we think that we are missing out on something and then fate shows us what missing out really means. We have to be careful not to want things that aren’t good for us and to accept sometimes why we shouldn’t do everything we want. If you don’t get what you want, try to consider that maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Think of Wyatt and remember that all that glitters, isn’t gold.


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